Ignorance endorsed by a great authority will not become truth.

Photo of the Indian mystic, Sadhguru by Russavia via Wikipedia commons

The quality of our lives boils down to this: the nature of our relationship with ourselves and those around us.

We want to be happy and loved. We want our lives to mean something to someone else too. We are constantly taking actions and moving towards people we think will make our lives better.

The goal itself is simple but the players (you and others) aren’t. People can be quite erratic. We, on the other hand, are constantly making wrong assumptions about what we really need to be happy.

We create conditions here and there, and without realizing it, we’ve…

“Ignorance endorsed by a great authority does not become truth.” ― Sadhguru

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“An ignorance that you are aware of and have acknowledged, is a far more powerful and a profound state than a knowledge you’ve concluded.”

These words by the Indian Mystic Sadhguru perfectly captures the dilemma surrounding our use of the internet. Today, we have conclusions about so many things without any substantial knowledge to back up our conclusions.

I’m on many Facebook groups that deal with self-improvement and psychology. One time, someone posted something concerning loneliness and solitude, then comments and arguments started rolling in. In a flash, I had wasted up to an hour arguing the hell out of…

Not everything that counts can be counted.

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Interestingly, The Game of Life is a board game originally created in the 19th-century by Milton Bradley an American business magnate, lithographer, and game pioneer. The game simulates a person’s travels through life from college to jobs, marriage, children, and retirement.

By the end of its first year, The Game of Life already sold 45,000 copies. Why? Partly because it had a strong moral message: Among other lessons, the major objectives of the game were basically to land on good spaces (which fetched 100 points) and to reach a “Happy Old Age” (50 points).

Milton’s game portrays an idea most…

Practical ways you can maintain focus on your dreams.

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David Goggins running 135 miles through Death Valley, California in the Kiehl’s Badwater Ultra Marathon. Goggins finished the race in 3rd place 25 hours later. Photo via Wikipedia commons.

The best guarantee for improvement is rock bottom. When you are down there, nothing else matters but getting out. And it works really well because we don’t have any more options to choose from.

A downside about being human is our natural inclination for the path of least resistance. But at rock bottom, you have no choice but to go through the resistance.

Before his remarkable transformation, both mindfully and physically, David Goggins confessed that he was fat and insecure. That was rock bottom. …

#1. Reappraisal

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Nicholas James Vujicic was born with neither arms nor legs. According to his autobiography, Life Without Limits, his parents went out of the hospital and vomited after seeing their son with no limbs. Yet, Nick’s life turned out to be an enviable one.

As early as secondary school, he was elected captain of MacGregor State in Queensland and worked with the student council on fundraising events for local charities and disability campaigns. When he was seventeen, he started to give talks, and later founded his non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs.

The rule is simple. Whatever you are faced with in…

Sometimes, people’s well-being increases alongside their wealth.

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Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

Watch the video adaptation of this article here.

Over 1.7 Million Real-Time Samples

Upon studying 1,725,994 samples from 33,391 employed US adults who participated in the experiment, Dr. Matthew Killingsworth interestingly discovered that money really can buy happiness. But how?

It’s been a long-standing conventional notion that money cannot buy happiness. And even though we didn’t really need it to believe, there was also scientific evidence that suggested money couldn’t buy happiness.

A well-known 2010 research broke out of this conventional idea a bit by suggesting that money increases happiness, but only to a point of $75,000 per annum, beyond which more money doesn’t really…

2. You walk on eggshells

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It Takes Two to Tangle

We are drawn to the things we lack. This goes both for material things and human traits.

For instance, I never dance. I’m a terrible dancer. But whenever I see anyone who can dance, I can’t stop looking at them. And if it’s a girl, it becomes difficult to stop thinking of them.

We can’t all have everything, and as such, we are often drawn to those who have what we don’t. And other times, we are drawn to those who need what we have. This is the basis for the codependent-narcissistic trap: a codependent is someone who feels responsible…

Uncommon tips you can use to gain rulership over yourself and achieve your goals.

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Photo by Ingrid Santana from Pexels

One-third of resolutioners don’t make it to the end of January. And it’s no surprise. My resolutions used to be so impulsive I couldn’t remember them by the third week of January. And when I do remember, just the thought of it overwhelms me.

The simple truth is that most resolutions fail because we make them for the wrong reasons. We choose them not based on what really matters to us but based on what looks great in our imagination. …

It’s not just envy.

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Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

It was difficult for me to get used to, but I eventually got used to it. I mean, it’s one thing to be hated for being a thief, a bully, a bad driver, or a snitch, but to be hated for putting in the hard work and succeeding feels totally different.

Sometimes people don’t just want you to succeed. It’s a very unsettling thought, but it happens. And oftentimes, we would rather dismiss it to ourselves. Maybe that friend who suddenly became touchy when you delivered the good news about your promotion was just having a bad day. Who knows…

Ideas from Malcolm Gladwell, Jordan Peterson, Maya Angelou, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Ryan Holiday.

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Photo of Malcolm Gladwell by Pop!Tech via Wikipedia commons

Becoming a successful writer is no doubt one of the most difficult (and rewarding) professional achievements in life. Usually, it takes years to build the skill and emotional stability required to handle the rejections and suspense that comes with wondering how people will receive what you create.

Each creation is like a child, one you can’t bear being seen rejected. This is why writing is one craft that is impossible to succeed at without a personal love and connection to the craft; the challenges can only be withstood for the love of the craft itself, not its reward. It’s no…

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